A Home Security System
can help protect your Family

Home security is important if you live in a home, townhome or apartment. A home security system helps protect your family and belongings. Some systems include medical emergency and video surveillance.

Before you buy a security system, check out the company. Get references from friends and neighbors. You can search online for information on the company.

The system cost generally includes an installation charge and a monthly monitoring fee. Ask if discounts are available.

If you have a large home, have a professional system's installer decide where to place the control panel and which doors and windows should have motion sensors installed.

You can buy sensors for about $20-40. Door and window sensors cost about $20 and can be installed in minutes.

Motion sensors sound an alarm when movement is detected. They are ideal for hallways, front and back doors.

A fake security camera helps deter intruders. Installation is easy. The camera has a realistic appearance and features a flashing light.

Motion lights installed in front of your garage will keep you safer when you come home at night. These lights can also attract attention when somebody enters your yard or driveway.

Make your home appear occupied when you are not at home. You can leave several lights on or use timers that turn the lights on and off. If you will be away for several days, ask a neighbor or friend to collect your mail and newspaper every day.

Install smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Each floor should have at least one smoke alarm. Check the smoke alarms once a month.

The kitchen can present a variety of fire hazards. Have a fire extinguisher that you can easily get in case of a cooking fire.

If you light candles in your bathroom, be sure to blow them out before you leave the room.