Affordable Lowe's
Home Security System

You can install a Lowe's home security system yourself or have a professional install the desired security equipment.

You need to decide what features the system should have:

1. Should it be hardwired or wireless?
2. What kind of sensors will be on the doors and windows?

3. Will there be sensors in the rooms?
4. Should there be exterior cameras?

Use door and window sensors to alert you, when a door or window is opened. This will let you know if children leave the house.

In the living room use a device that turns lights on and off at certain times when nobody is in the house. This might keep burglars away. Connect all lights in the living room and kitchen to a controller that you can keep at your bedside. This allows you to turn on all lights with one push button.

If you have a basement, let a monitor alert you, when there is a plumbing leak.

On the outside install a camera that will show the front door, so you can see who is at the door. Put outdoor lights on a timer or install lights that will turn on if there is motion.

For more advanced systems you might want to consider a home security service company.

You can choose from 3 Lowe's Iris home management systems. You can customize and monitor these systems from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can adjust the lights, control the climate, lock and unlock doors.

There are 3 starter kits that include the Iris hub with a collection of smart devices. They can be installed in about one hour.

Starter kits

1. Safe & Secure kit costs about $179.

It is a self monitored security system that includes free basic monitoring. You can monitor and control your system from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Devices include a keypad, contact sensors, a motion sensor and a wireless hub. The system is compatible with other Iris devices.

2. Comfort and Control kit costs about $179.

You can monitor and control lights and the thermostat. The kit can be upgraded with other Iris packages.

3. Iris Smart kit costs about $299.

This is a self monitored whole home management system that includes free basic monitoring. Devices include: keypad, thermostat, smart plug, contact sensors, a motion sensor, a range extender and a wireless hub. You can do the installation yourself.

If you install a system in your home, you could get a discount from your homeowners insurance.

You can choose a premium home management system that has about a $10 monthly monitoring fee. The system includes additional services:

a. You can stream video on your computer up to 1o minutes
b. Record video on command or based on alarms and events

c. Control your thermostat remotely and view energy consumption in real time
d. Automatically turns off devices when energy consumption settings are exceeded

e. You can lock and unlock your door locks remotely
f. You have voice control through your Iris mobile device

A Lowe's home security system is affordable. It will provide peace of mind.

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