Affordable Lowe's
Home Security System

You can install a Lowe's home security system yourself or have a professional install the desired security equipment.

Lowe's has two plans to choose from:

Basic Iris Plan
Premium Iris Plan

The basic plan is free and allows you to control your devices from your app.

The premium plan provides advanced ways to monitor and control your home. For example, when you walk into a room, the lights will come on automatically. You only pay about $10 a month. There is no contract and the the first two months are free.

Basic Iris Plan

It provides the essentials to control and monitor your home.
For example:

  • You can turn devices on and off remotely
  • Schedule devices to turn on and off
  • Receive notification when an alarm is triggered
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Control your thermostat remotely

Premium Iris Plan

In addition to the basic plan functions, the premium plan allows you:

  • Record video on command or based on alarms
  • Receive notification when authorized users come and go
  • Create rules across the system to have devices trigger other devices. For example, if an alarm is triggered, a hall light turns on.

With Iris you can do this:

  1. Monitor the kids and their TV time on days you work. Iris can let you know when your children have arrived home by letting you know the door has been unlocked. Install a motion activated camera to keep an eye on them until you get home. Get a smart plug for the TV so you can limit homework distraction from your mobile device.
  2. Iris helps you put your baby to bed using smart plugs and a camera. Use a camera to monitor when your little one falls asleep and smart plugs to turn off any sound machines or night lights.
  3. When carbon monoxide is triggered, Iris automatically activates the indoor siren, turns on ceiling fans, sends you a message and turns on your bedroom light.
  4. When a glass break sensor is activated, Iris can start the indoor siren, turn on the lights, start recording on the nearest camera and send you an alert.
  5. Iris will send alerts, turn on lights and set your camera to record when sensors are activated.
  6. When motion is sensed outside at night, Iris can turn on a porch light, set your camera to record and send an alert.

Lowe's Home Security System has more than 50 devices that help control home security and safety.

Iris smart button costs about $25. It provides access to control other devices.

Alarm keypad costs about $40. It allows you to arm and disarm the security features of your Iris smart home system.

Iris indoor security camera with night vision costs about $129. It records automatically when activated by motion or when any alarms are triggered. It can be remotely monitored from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Outdoor security camera with night vision costs about $149. It records automatically if motion is detected or when alarms are triggered.

Utilitech indoor door and window sensor costs about $40.

GE remote control lamp module costs about $45. It allows you to remotely control the on/off status of lights and small appliances.

First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide detector costs about $40. It works with Iris.

Lowe's Home Security Iris Starter Kits

You can choose a group of devices that you like to set up as control of an area or room.

Iris starter kits that include the Iris hub with a collection of smart devices can be installed in about one hour. The kits include free basic monitoring. You can monitor and control your system from your smart phone, computer or tablet. The kits can be upgraded with other Iris devices.

Home Protection Kit

Receive alerts, turn on lights and set your camera to record when sensors are activated around your home. Devices you need:

  • Iris home automation safe and secure kit. It includes a keypad, 2 door & window sensors and one motion detector. Price is about $99.
  • Iris smart hub. It commands your smart devices. Price is $50.
  • GE remote control lamp module. It can control your lights and outlets via web or phone from anywhere. Price is about $38.
  • Total cost for this system is about $187.

Comfort and Control Kit

This is a self monitored whole home management system that includes:

smart plug
contact sensors
motion control sensor
range extender
wireless hub

Price is about $300.

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